K-9 Pricing:

    $20.00                       25 minute workout , play & potty break 

    Kitty Kindness:

                 $15.00                      20 minute visit

                                        Additional services: ($3.00 each visit)


                                                             each additional dog/cat

                                                             cleaning the litter box

                                                             watering plants

                                                              administering meds

                                                              take out the trash/recycling



                                 Pet taxi service: (we will take your pet to the groomer/vet and back home)  $30/hr 


                                  Consultation fee        $10.00

                                  Last minute accomodations  $5.00


Also included in our visits:

We will pick up dog/cat food if need be, rotate lights, bring in the mail, pick up newspaper, give fresh water, and of course give them love and affection.  If there is something else you would like done, please ask and we will do our best to accommodate.



K-9 Fitness & Home Pet Care Packages:


“Weekend getaway special”

Includes, 3-30 minute sessions on Sat & Sunday $99.99 


Weekly Afternoon break package:

$79.99 Let out the dog for 30 min exercise and stretching. Monday through Friday once a day. 


CALL (201) 463-6900










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